About The Mohel


Rabbi Zecharia Sionit

Certified Mohel

Rabbi Zecharia Sionit is an ordained Rabbi and a Certified Mohel. He received his ordination from Rabbinical Seminary of America in Queens, NY, and his Milah (ritual circumcision) certification after extensive training in Jerusalem, Israel. After serving in the San Francisco Bay area for two years as a full-time rabbi and mohel, he moved to Dallas, TX in 2011, to establish the Sephardic Torah Center, a vibrant synagogue and learning center. Along with his other rabbinic duties, Rabbi Sionit proudly serves the entire DFW area and beyond as a mohel.

Rabbi Sionit uses fully sterilized instruments, and has perfected techniques that are gentle and quick. Typically, the procedure is complete within five minutes! He tries to visit every infant and family both the day before the brit to help educate and orient the family, and the day after, for a follow-up session. He is generous with his time, and tries hard to answer questions and address concerns, to your satisfaction.

Rabbi Sionit, who has six young children of his own, enjoys working with all kind of families, regardless of their observance level or background. He is blessed with the exceptional ability to elucidate and simplify the procedure, and to put nervous parents at ease! He feels honored to be carrying on the special covenant of Brit Milah, practiced since the days of Abraham. His gift of humor and skills as an educator along with his passion, masterfully engage the crowd in the ceremony, and make every brit an uplifting learning experience for all attendees.

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